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How To Turn Off Chat Heads in Facebook Messenger - pixorange

No unwanted interruption on Facebook anymore!

Would you like to decapitate the friends’ floating heads unnecessarily interrupting you

Amazon alexa - pixorange

Amazon Decides to Make Alexa more Human Like

Amazon’s Alexa has emerged as one of the finest examples of artificial intelligence. When she speaks, it sounds like a robot. The company is thinking about Making Alexa a true human friend

Tequila - Pixorange

Tequila could be good for your bones!!

According to the scientists of the Center for Research and Advanced Studies (Cinvestav) situated in Mexico the tequila plant contains a few substances that enhances calcium absorption.

DIY deodorant - Pixorange

How to Make Natural Homemade Deodorant

It is a good idea to keep the deodorant in the refrigerator as the melting point of coconut oil is low.

Japan’s manhole covers - pixorange

Drain spotting: Japanese Manhole Covers

In today’s world manhole covers which are used for preventing someone from slipping into the sewers are not something special in UK.

One Drink That Will Help You Get in Shape Faster - pixorange

One Drink That Will Help You Get in Shape Faster

The preparation of this drink is quite simple and its daily consumption has proven to be efficient in getting rid of unwanted body fat within a short span of time.

Parisa Tabriz - pixorange

‘Parisa Tabriz’ ; Google Chrome’s ‘Security Princess’

The web world is well aware of the ever escalating of Google Chrome; and the hackers not unfamiliar with its popularity.

Google trips travel planner - Pixorange

Google Trips; Train and bus reservations made easy

Whether you are travelling by a train or bus; you can now plan your journey with the help of the highly acclaimed ‘Google Trips’. You may have, often, wished silently

female orgasms - pixorange

Female orgasm – A few essential things men must know

Many may consider female orgasm quite an inscrutable or enigmatic process, but it isn’t so. Though shrouded in mystery and myth, it is not that mysterious to understand.

Loofahs - pixorange

Be Careful in Using Loofahs; It May Cause Skin Infections

A current research suggests that Loofahs bear bacteria, and hence, one could beat the very purpose of the shower and can even cause infections.