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Yarsagumba : The Viagra of Himalayas is the most expensive herb

A caterpillar fungus named “Yarsagumba” which is found in higher altitudes of Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal, China and North east of India is the most expensive insect-herb and is used for medical purpose.

Prototype of Lenovo tablet – ‘Folio’ - pixorange

Prototype of Lenovo tablet – ‘Folio’

Folio can be folded into a ‘Dual Display’ Smartphone. When it is folded into dual display, the apps and

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Inside the ‘Best hotel in the world’: Secluded £800-a-night Indonesian resort is voted top by travelers

Users of Travel + Leisure website had rated the idyllic resort of Nihi Sumba with a score of 99.12 out of a possible 100 as part of an annual contest.

KFC is launching a chicken sandwich to the edge of space!! - pixorange

KFC is launching a chicken sandwich to the edge of space!!

In the “peak capitalism” move, KFC is teaming up with World View which is a private spaceflight company to send a chicken sandwich to the space. This will be a four day trip to stratosphere, almost 7-30 miles off from the Earth.

Facebook developing exclusive ‘Smart speakers’ - pixorange

Facebook developing exclusive ‘Smart speakers’

Facebook, the famous social media is reportedly working on developing a smart speaker that will feature a 15-inch touch screen. The product is expected to be launched by 2018.

Tips for Travelling Alone - pixorange

5 things that every solo traveller must have in the kit

Are you planning to travel solo? Well, then obviously you will enjoy yourself a lot. But, apart from just making your adventure fun-filled, it is also essential to look after the safety factor.

Artificial intelligence - pixorange

The rise of artificial intelligence has given birth to something beyond smartphones

The emergence and growth of artificial intelligence have transformed the way of life across the globe. The smartphones are not merely the smart phones, they are much more.

Banking - pixorange

How to reactivate your BANK account

If any current account or savings account is not active for more than two years, then it will be considered as dormant or inoperative. This guideline has been passed by the Reserve Bank of India.

How To Turn Off Chat Heads in Facebook Messenger - pixorange

No unwanted interruption on Facebook anymore!

Would you like to decapitate the friends’ floating heads unnecessarily interrupting you

Amazon alexa - pixorange

Amazon Decides to Make Alexa more Human Like

Amazon’s Alexa has emerged as one of the finest examples of artificial intelligence. When she speaks, it sounds like a robot. The company is thinking about Making Alexa a true human friend