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Sesame Oil: Unbelievable benefits for oily skin and acne

Sesame Oil: Unbelievable benefits for oily skin and acne

In the skincare industry, the use of sesame oil is extensive. Sesame oil is generally pulled out from sesame seeds. Sesame oil has also been used for treating skin conditions since the olden times, and sesame oil’s cooking uses are not unheard of either. This oil not only repairs damage hairs but this oil can also be advantageous when it comes to treating acne breakouts. If you are looking for natural ingredients to help you to deal with your acne, then sesame oil is the best ingredient you must try on.

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Ways to Use Sesame Oil for Acne  

  1. You may soak cotton balls in sesame oil. Spread on those oil-soaked balls softly on the region of your skin where it is acne-affected. Left if for 20 mins or so, allowing the skin to absorb the oil. Of course, you can even keep this oil on your skin overnight and have a bath early in the morning. 
  2. You can even sit beside a bathtub occupied with warm-hot water applying sesame oil to the acne spots on your skin. Doing this will steam unclog skin pores and it will let the sesame oil to seep into the skin better. 
  3. You can even use this sesame oil for cooking food to improve its effects on your skin. An antioxidant (sesamol) which is available in this sesame oil, gets increased when this oil is been cooked.

How Often You Should Do This 

  • Once in a day it should be done.

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Benefits of Sesame Oil for Skin 

  1. It might be helpful to treat Acne 
  2. It might not allow Pores to clog
  3. It might help to heal Injuries 
  4. It might help to slow down the process of Aging signs


There is still a limited study and researches have been done on sesame oil’s effect on an acne breakout. Nevertheless, it aids in treating acne according to many anecdotal evidence suggestions. There is a number of other benefits for your skin apart from treating acne with sesame oil. This oil can do it all, starting from helping with slowing down the process of aging to treating your acne. Hence, add this sesame oil natural oil to your daily skincare routine and gain all its advantages. Start taking advantage of this oil today. 

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