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Best Beauty Apps 2021: Apps that you don’t forget to download on your phone

Best Beauty Apps 2021: Apps that you don’t forget to download on your phone

The new crop of apps going this day turns your smartphone into a beauty advisor that allows you to try new hair or nail colour and make it believe you it suits you or no before purchasing it. Some updates your safety and health; you are just a click away from this advice, help and research.

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Think Dirty

To navigate the details of products and make firm research is quite a time taking. If you don’t know how much alcohol is consisted in oxybenzone. The probable chemicals are discovered by these apps that make you decide whether to purchase or skip. This app helps you analyse the product by simply scanning the barcode of every ingredient in a detailed way and makes you understand.

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YouCam Nails

Everyone is eager to try the new trending nail arts but are not sure whether they will work or no. this apps uploads a photo of your nails and customize the range of nail shades and patterns and ask you to change or keep it; just as a salon does.

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During the slathering sun-time, you might be dicey in mind, whether to step out or no. every probable way is not enough to protect if it comes to saving yourself from the sun. this apps assess the UV level in sun and determines the risk factor your skin will face and then suggests whether to go out or no. it will also give you a reminder to top up your sunscreen whenever you are out throughout the day and UV factors increases.

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After making an AI-based way to analyse the skin and taking a quiz by just mere selfies. TroveSkin is ready with a new feature of recommending the ingredients and products that are helpful for your skin. Daily logging and photos track your daily progress. In this scene, you can come to know if you are going in the right way using your brandy skin-routine.

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Usually, Melanomas start out marking on the skin and making moles that change the shape and size of your face. The changes that your skin need will be tracked by this app. So, you can know whether its the right time to visit a dermatologist and get diagnosed. This app is a feature with an in-app camera that takes high quality and a high-resolution photo of your skin that makes tracking of your own skin.

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Hair Colour by ModiFace

This app helps you to look at the hair colour that suits your face or no. it comes with 30 different shades that are just handpicked by your finger to find out which colour suits your hair before visiting your hair artist. It can be done by uploading just a good selfie.

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The exercise classes that you were streaming during your isolation time and taking regular follow-ups. This app is specially customized for this purpose that makes your skin’s elasticity levelled up by juts following these face workout routines.

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Aysa analyses your skin by giving a surety that you are not suffering from any skin allergies like rashes or patches. Just take a photo of your skin condition and ask the questions to Aysa and get better guidance.

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