Snap launches Spotlight on Snapchat : Competes Instagram Reels and Tiktok

The social media real this time has entered a Tiktok and Instagram Reels like feature…

Inside the ‘Best hotel in the world’: Secluded £800-a-night Indonesian resort is voted top by travelers

Users of Travel + Leisure website had rated the idyllic resort of Nihi Sumba with a score of 99.12 out of a possible 100 as part of an annual contest.

KFC is launching a chicken sandwich to the edge of space!!

In the “peak capitalism” move, KFC is teaming up with World View which is a private spaceflight company to send a chicken sandwich to the space. This will be a four day trip to stratosphere, almost 7-30 miles off from the Earth.


Mysterious Lives of Cats Captured in Black and White

If I am asked to explain cats in one word, that word would surely be mystifying. I mean, in a moment they curl up next to you and purr

The Pink Lagoon in Mexico is utterly amazing!

Is every dreamy and swimming -friendly Barbie-pink lagoon encircled by the most Instagramable view on the planet?

While Graphic Designer Uses Design Talents To Create Cookies

What do you intend to be a designer or a baker? Holy Fox answers ‘Both’ as the reply to the question. According to her, it is when you mix and match

Nuns Take Help of Weeds to Heal The World

To be a nun is not easy for everyone. It requires discipline, dedication, patience and empathy. It also, sometimes needs the Godlike knowledge of marijuana horticulture.

Huma Mobin, the Lady Who Proceeded Alone on Her Honeymoon!

Let good sense prevail right at the beginning – you must not miss your life partner on the honeymoon because the spouse is expected to accompany you.


China Builds A Giant Elevated Bus and It’s Madness

It is the Transit Elevated Bus or TEB, alternative called “Land Airbus” and is is a huge elevated transit vehicle, which runs on massive rails on each side of the motorway.


Photos: Opening ceremony of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Photos from Maracana Stadium as the opening ceremony ushers in the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.