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Nuns Take Help of Weeds to Heal The World

Nuns Take Help of Weeds to Heal The World

To be a nun is not easy for everyone. It requires discipline, dedication, patience and empathy. It also, sometimes needs the Godlike knowledge of marijuana horticulture. It has, however, never been told to you in Bible Camp.
Obviously, ALL nuns never grow weed. Indeed, we are very much sure that most nuns do not indulge in growing weed. However, these nuns are not ordinary ones.

They are The Sisters of the Valley, the subject of a captivating series of pictures produced by photographers Shaughin Crawford and John DuBois. Based in Merced, California, The Sisters consider themselves as nuns, but are not Catholic or religious by tradition- they cultivate weed as per moon cycles before changing their harvest to remedies and sell them on-line. These products are organic and help treat a wide range of ailments including back pain, migraines and hangovers too and each container receives its own prayer before it is shipped for distribution.

Although being licensed medical Marijuana growers, their operations are under scrutiny of California Municipalities who are considering a ban on the cultivation that would result in labelling their endeavour as unlawful. However, The Sisters plan to fight the ban. They continue, nevertheless, they have God in their side.

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