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Airplanes Dim Lights During Landing – Version of A Pilot

The tradition to dim lights during landing is a security protocol, but has puzzled many passengers for a longtime.


The Youngest Billionaire – The 19 Year Old Alexandra Andresen

Alexandra Andresen, the 19 year old becomes the youngest billionaire in the world at present with net worth of 1.15

This amazing Sand Artist Illustrates 100 Years Of Hollywood

After summarising the 100 years of Bollywood journey sand artist Rahul Arya has come up with yet another amazing video.

The Fantastic Tale of a Love-Pair During the Independence Period in Lahore

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Internet Identifies and Discards the Award Winning Picture, Poorly Photoshopped

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This bride from Ahmedabad shocked people when she entered her wedding venue on a bullet.


Amazing Facts about ‘Tejas’ –India’s Light Combat Aircraft for the International Air Show

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In Pics: Selfie Craze- A Challenging & Risky Feat

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Story of a male rape survivor!

“My uncle was giving me a bath when I was 7 years old, and that’s when it first happened. He forced me to give him a blow job and proceeded to have anal sex with me