20 Strange and Bizarre Things That Truly Exist In Our World

Blue Lava is located in Indonesia and bursts so fast and in such high temperature giving it the blue colour.

You Are Truly Special When You Have These Two Holes in the Back

These holes are known as Venus holes. These tiny holes are formed in the lower back of men and women. In men,

Lionel Messi’s magnificent moments

Lionel Messi has retired from international duty after missing in a penalty shootout as Argentina lost a fourth major final in nine years.


The Future of Our Society Correctly Predicted 5,000 Years Ago in Bhagwad Gita

Everyone knows about the holy Hindu scripture, the most sacred Bhagwad Gita. Gita forms a part of ‘Mahabharata’.

15 photos which will make you think twice about going swimming

Here are 15 dangerous things which, unless you’re careful, you could encounter in the deep

A Full-Sized Artificial Mountain in UAE for More Rainfall

It is a well-known fact that UAE is no stranger in taking breathtaking and ambitious projects. For example, the splendid Burj Khalifa, which is the tallest building in the world at present,


Can You Find The Models Hidden In These Photographs?

Let’s see if you can find the models hidden perfectly in these picturesque landscapes.

The Discovery of the Longest Mexico-California Drug Tunnel

The longest cross-border tunnel was unearthed by the US federal authorities along the border of California with Mexico through which drug smuggling was being carried. The 800 meter long tunnel


Meet Instagram’s Cutest Triplet Babies

Meet Instagram’s cutest triplets – Byron, Chevy and Reef Also known as the Three Little Chaps. See these photos and

Adopting A Village and Transforming It Completely – Deeds of A Lok Sabha Member

The Lok Sabha launches the programe, SAGY or Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojna , which needs that every Lok Sabha Member has to take responsibility of a village for development by 2016