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20 Strange and Bizarre Things That Truly Exist In Our World

20 Strange and Bizarre Things That Truly Exist In Our World

1. Blue Lava

blue lava

It is located in Indonesia and bursts so fast and in such high temperature giving it the blue colour.

2. Volcanic Lightning

Volcanic Lightning

This frightening electrical storm is produced during the volcanic explosion when the electrical and static charges release.

3. Green flash

green flash

When conditions are just perfect, you see the green sun during the sunrise or sunset.

4. Never Ending Wave


The wave is able to travel 500 miles without slowing down, it is evident when the Amazon River and the Atlantic Ocean meet in Brazil.

5. Monarch Butterfly Migration

Monarch Butterfly Migration

It happens all through USA and Mexico. Butterflies migrate in vast numbers.

6. Flowering Desert

flowering desert chile

After unusual heavy rains, these deserts in Chile grow flowers.

7. Everlasting Storm

Everlasting Storm - pixorange

Can continue the fury for 160 days above Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela.

8. Black Sun

Black Sun - pixorange

In Denmark, you can observe the migration of European Starling Birds every spring.

9. Steam Towers

Steam Towers

An astonishing view is created by steam towers of gas from fumaroles.

10. Crab migration

Crab migration

Nearly 120 million Red Crabs make their way into the ocean on Christmas Island.

11. White Rainbows

white rainbow

You look at arched fog people and yes, it is splendid.

12. Hair Ice

hair ice

Since water escapes plants in freezing weather conditions, bacteria causes the water to freeze in this way.

13. Frost flowers

 frost flowers ocean

When there is a variation in temperature between the ocean and the atmosphere in the arctic region, you can observe these floral ice formations.

14. Rainbow Trees

Rainbow Trees - pixorange

They are Australian eucalyptus trees, which are known for the unique multi-hued colours.

15. Danxia Landforms

Danxia Landforms

These striking sandstone hills and mountains are just a colorful beauty, which are found in China.

16. Calcifying Lake

Calcifying Lake

Animals fall and get immersed in the waters of the Lake Natron and succumb to death and get calcified.

17. Underwater Crop Circles

Underwater Crop Circles

These startling circles are generated by male pufferfish in Japan as part of a mating ritual.

18. Bleeding Glacier

Bleeding falls China

In Antarctica, iron oxide causes the outflow of water, which resembles blood and are also known as “Blood Falls”.

19. Living Rocks

Living rocks

These sea creatures appear just like rocks and are totally immobile, which you find in Chile.

20. Lenticular Clouds

Lenticular Clouds

It is not an UFO, it is only moist air right at the top of mountains.

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