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Love Lake in Dubai : A Romantic Destination

Love Lake in Dubai : A Romantic Destination

In Dubai, there are ample of amazing places to visit. More and more marvels are opened every year, which makes us surprized. There are many natural fascinations apart from tallest towers and largest malls. When you all think about the greenest place in Dubai, what is the place that first strikes to your mind? The most common answer on everyone’s mind might be the miracle garden, right? Whereas there is even greener and romantic place in Dubai known as the Love Lake.

It is positioned in the midst of the sand.

The plush green area along with the lake gives an ethereal look although it is positioned in the middle of a parched desert. As far as your eye can see except this spot it’s surrounded by only sand if you look in any route from the Love Lake. Whereas from all the major city centres, this lake is located at a distance place. Do you know why it is known as Love Lake?

You have to scroll upwards to understand it. As you can see the lake looks like two dovetailing hearts from above. Taking an area of 550,000 square meters this two hearts are made. So, can you guess any better name rather than Love Lake? The word “LOVE” is even uttered by trees here. It is easily been qualified as the most romantic place in Dubai as it commits its each edge to love.

Love Lake

Do you want to visit Love Lake?

This place is just more than an evening wander or a barbecue spot. In Dubai, it is indisputably one of the inventive fascination. This place is very passive and tranquil as it is located far away from city. Love Lake is quite perfect, if you wish to spend your evening time with your friends or loved one.

The most beautiful sunset of Dubai is been viewed from here. Words cannot describe the orange glow, which the sand gets from the sun along with greenery. For if you wish to visit Love Lake you should definitely come an hour before sunset. You can spend many hours just luring around the beauty of sunset, greenery or listening to the beautiful songs sung by the birds but only if the weather is right. Apart from that it is a great park for picnicking, jogging or pet walking. You might not be able to see more joggers here as there is no domestic centre nearby. Here, most probably the cyclist visits the park.

Love Lake

You can walk in the water by wetting your feet. The low rations of the water are been marked by the signboards. There is also a fishpond swarming in one ration of the lake with Goldfish and Koi Carp. Although they are safe to touch, but mind you Koi Carp with its big moth may scare you. In the Love Lake Park there are plentiful spots for Instagramers. They are different shapes and forms of heart.

An arched lake is been visible if you see from the shore rather than the heart shape. To have to be 50 meters above the ground if you want to take the complete picture. The only option is to get on a helicopter or to fly a drone. The second option, which is mentioned, is not possible now. An easy workaround is also there. If you are eager to see you can see the satellite view of the lake from Google Maps. Currently, near the Love Lake there are no shops or restaurants. Remember; whenever you visit there do not forget to take water as well as food along with you. Along with that there are even no lamps. If you want to sit and enjoy the view, there are lot of wooden park benches. If you like some fun there are also swings of large tree branches. However, for the young children’s this is not appropriate.

Love Lake

What to know before visiting Love Lake

  • For visiting the park entry is free.
  • It is not a wheelchair friendly place.
  • The birds and fish should not be feeded in the park and lake respectively.
  • Proper permits from the authorities should be taken if you are planning to fly drones in the park.
  • Do the barbecue only in the determined spots.
  • The scraps of burnt charcoal damages the health of wildlife, so be sure before draining all the scraps in the lake.
  • Wear a jacket or winter clothes when you visit the desert during winter, as winters in deserts are much colder.
  • There is no harm if you drive a normal car so if possible do visit with a four wheel car to Love Lake.
  • There are plenty of repositories in the area for spoiling else if you mess in the park you may be fined.
  • In some parts of the park high-heels are not allowed.

Love Lake

Al-Qudra Lake

The Al Qudra Lake doesn’t consist a single lake but they are bunch of many lakes in the middle of the desert. It is also known as Heaven for birds. 175 species of birds have a territory there and some of them are listed under threatened classification.

Love Lake

Al-Qudra Cycling Track

From any part of Dubai, the cyclist visit here as it has an amazing cycling path. Made for the audacious minds this cycling track is 86 kilometres long. If you want to explore desert, cycling here is an exceptional way. You can see camels and oryxes of you are fortunate enough. You should probably visit during sunrise or sunset. You can even take motorbike on charge. At the end of the Al-Qudra Lake, cycling track ends.

Love Lake

Al Marmoum Heritage Village

To the visitors who comes here, guided tours are been offered by the heritage village of Al Marmoum. Exhibitions of cuisine and traditional crafts are also there. A traditional weddings depiction is also seen here. Heritage festivals are been hosted by heritage village every year during winters. Therefore, if you want to visit this place it’s the best time.

Love Lake

The Camel Farm

Here in the desert you can see the splendid animals, which are close enough seen to you. Domestic animals like hens and goats are also available on the farm. From half an hour to one hour a prolonged camel ride is also been offered by the farm. However, only during the winters camel farm is open to the tourist.

Love Lake

Want to visit Love Lake?

Driving off umm Suqeim-Al Ain road, a ten minutes distance from Al Qudra, Love Lake is located in Al Salam desert region. There are signs all the way along the road navigating towards Love Lake; therefore, driving to the lake should not be difficult. You can turn on the navigation on the Google Maps for the overlapping hearts. If you are turning on the satellite view, make sure it’s showing you the right path. Along with the Love Lake, the Al Qudra Lake also looks roughly like a heart. Nevertheless, in the shape of two perfect heart intertwining, Love Lake is meant for it.

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