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Experience Hatta : Eco-Tourism, Activities- Dubai/UAE

Experience Hatta : Eco-Tourism, Activities- Dubai/UAE

Dubai’s mountain town Hatta is the epitome spot for adventures from cultivating the rough landscape on mountain bike to attempting the teal water by kayak.

If you want to explore Hatta’s twisting conduits of hills, wadis and countryside, there is no better way than from the back of a mountain bike. Straddling across 52kms, they have settled multiple tracks for apprentices to progressive level by the Hatta Mountain Bike Track Centre. The Tracks are free to ride and are self-guided by clean indicators.

Some of the fancy visitors choose the track on their own or by connecting many hobby groups. To enjoy the lavish backdrops you should give 2-3 hours to riding sessions.

Hatta : Eco-Tourism, Activities- Dubai/UAE


Tourism and water are the main economic factor of Hatta. From the main territory in Dubai from southeast to east it takes 134kms (83 m). It is situated high in the Hajar Mountain. It borders Ras Al-khaimah to the north, Oman to the east to south and the Ajman enclave of Masfout to the west.

Hatta : Eco-Tourism, Activities- Dubai/UAE


In the UAE, the backdrops of Hatta own some of the most beautiful natural scenery. On your way to Hatta, you will enjoy the varying sights from desert to mountain. If you will move towards south of Hatta Dam which is a fixed sight which consists of turquoise water flowing in midst of unfinished mountains.

Hatta : Eco-Tourism, Activities- Dubai/UAE

Want to go on trek?

Hatta is perfect for trekking as it is surrounded by Hajar Mountain, surging top and cribs. Near the border of Oman at the slope of the Mountain you can trek along the curving wadis. From grimy blotches to piercing stalwarts here you will see diverse landscape.

Hatta : Eco-Tourism, Activities- Dubai/UAE

Hatta Heritage Village

In the crucial town, Hatta Heritage Village is the foremost lure. During the ancient time, true Emirati life has been shown in the museum refurbished here. Before a decade, huts and houses comprising 30 buildings have been restored. Dubai’s Arabian heritage from food to folklore is learnt here in the village, which establishes remnants and documents of previous life.

Inside Hatta Heritage Village, the mosque and houses were originally constructed from solid such as palm tree, trunks, stalks, ferns, stones and mud. From the historical prior to development in the 1960s in UAE, the village entails of 30 buildings, which consist of emblematic Arabian, furnish.

Hatta : Eco-Tourism, Activities- Dubai/UAE

Hatta Kayak Dam

In dubai and UAE, Hatta Kayak is the unique tourist destination which consist of largest water bodies and also it is the most popular spot behind the much-visited Hatta Kayak Dam is the vast lake formed by Hatta Dam and its surroundings by mountains is so popular for the one pursuing relaxation in a normal place and also who wants to experience keen Kayak sport. Behind this you’ll come across wildlife findings surrounded by rough rocks with marvellous standpoints to take in the scenic countryside. You might spot the vague Arabian sand cat if you are lucky enough.

Hatta : Eco-Tourism, Activities- Dubai/UAE

Hatta Wadi Hub

Located close to the popular stay options by Meraas-Hatta Damani Lodges and Hatta Sedr Trailers, trekking experience can also be booked at the Hatta Wadi Hub. Some of landscapes of Hatta Wadi Hub includes a coaching centre and activities such as Hatta drop-In and mountain biking, Asia’s first water jump park and adding to a glamping experience at the Hatta Damani Lodges.

Hatta Wadi Hub is the home of explorations and activities. There are plenty of free and paid deals on thrilling events that is open in winter. You can try freefall jumps of adventure rope courses and even try axe throwing or archery and get your heart driven with downward dragging. If you want to witness the mountain vivid mountain scenery you can go twin zip lining with a friend or loved one.

Hatta : Eco-Tourism, Activities- Dubai/UAE

Ecstasies and escapes

Through the vast Hatta Lake, visitors can try something different rather than kayaking. Visitors and residuals from a kiosk at the reservoir for a relaxing ride can rent kayaks or paddleboats across the clean water of turquoise florid lake where you can encounter natural occupant’s including fishes. The hidden areas can be viewed from the warped walkways, which are not visible from the reservoir standpoint but are hidden behind the warped passages.
You can do swimming in open water and channels if you carry costumes and towels along with.

Hatta : Eco-Tourism, Activities- Dubai/UAE

Night stay

You can sleep glazing the stars in the open unpolluted sky by plunging up a tent at Hatta Campsite after a long day of assessment. If you are tired all day long you can stroll down to Hatta Wadi Hub to the food trucks or for more tribal-kind life you cook a feast in the barbeque area if you want to restock. Burrowed in the mountains you can also book a stay at Hatta Sedr Trailers or Hatta Damani Lodges for deluxe twist as they provide elegant lodgings.

If you are visiting with a family or more groups of friends or colleagues, you can rent a farmhouse, which includes the Reef and Happiness Farm that completes with most lavish facilities such as pool for kids to splish-splash or a BBQ area.

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