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Pay Attention to These Warning Signals

Pay Attention to These Warning Signals

Experts are of the opinion that ordinary things may bring hazards to your life including diseases and hence, you need to be careful about these warning signals.

You must seek the advice of your doctor if you suffer from deficiency of sleep or irregular sleeping hours. Studies confirm that insomniacs or people with sleeping disturbances are twice more prone to stroke than people without any difficulty in enjoying sleeping. The blood pressure of the individual enhances when there is sleep deficiency, which can result in inflammation of vascular walls with the passage of time. Sleep deficiency for a few days may cause rise in the blood pressure. Take note of soothing sound before retiring to bed, such as the sound of water trickling down or the chirping of birds or the mild sound of horse’s hooves.

Stress or tension can cause a permanent blow on the brain. A recent study adds that people especially in middle ages who face excessive worrying situations especially in relationship, health and work problems are more inclined to grow dementia  in future life.

Aerated Drinks  
Intake of aerated drinks on occasional basis is just fine, but people that consume in excess of 8.5. Ounces of aerated drinks are subject to huge risk and may develop cancer of pancreas. Carbonated drinks with its high sugar content helps enhance insulin production in pancreas. As a result, pancreatic cells are exposed to high concentration of insulin as compared to different other cells in the body system.  The entire activity produces imbalance, which ultimately causes cancerous growth in the body.

Deficiency of Vitamin D  
Staying in the open without any protection against sunrays for a pretty long period is very harmful. However, experts are of the opinion that an exposure of 10-20 minutes under the sun is a necessity. Deficiency of Vitamin D enhances the danger of respiratory infections. Vitamin D is also very important to acquire a powerful immune system.

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