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Maldives 2020 : Antiquity, Tourism and islands to visit

Maldives 2020 : Antiquity, Tourism and islands to visit

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Maldives is also known as a country can consists islands that extents across the equator in Indian Ocean. This country has a length of 871 kilometres, which consists 1192 islands. Measuring in square kilometres it covers an area of 90,000 in which only 298sq kilometres is dry land. This island is assembled into a dual chain of 26 atolls.

The travellers are enthralled by the country’s unique geography. It can only be imagined as a fairy tale islands whose sand is tiny like a trinket rimmed with whitest of soft surrounded by ridges with bands of colours. On only 200 island the people of Maldives resides whereas on some of islands there are private resorts or some of islands are used for industry and agriculture.

Maldives 2020 : Antiquity, Tourism and islands to visit

Maldives is not only known for its clear water but its home to about 5% of planet ridges that comes with combinations of different colours and textures of corals that form them. Maldives is home for thousand kinds of fishes which includes manta ray and whale sharks . Its also enticed with the rich nutrients that flow in streams.

Addu Countryside

In the Maldives atoll chain, Addu Atoll is the southernmost. In the atoll there are colonised islands which customs six directorial. By a 16 kilometres link road the atoll of western flank are connected from Hithadhoo in the north to the Gan in the south. An atoll is a sphere moulded coral ridge, islands or series of islets.

The second largest swamplands are in the Maldives is hosted by Addu Atoll.

The beautiful Eydhigali Kilhi swamplands are embraced in the Addu Nature Park and endangered Koattehy area in Hithadhoo islands. Through the plush green vegetation’s of the swamplands, one more feature of the park is its docks spreading out to the lakes, picturesque cycling routes and mangroves. If you are fond of beautiful plants and wildlife of the rich environment you can take a steered countryside tour through the estate. The most unforgettable experience in the park is kayaking in the bay area known as Bedhi, that is also well-known for the attractive baby stingrays, sharks and mangroves.

Maldives 2020 : Antiquity, Tourism and islands to visit

Somersaulting in Addu Atoll

In the range of varied dive locations spectacular dive are offered in Addu Atoll. Throughout the year, opportunity to dive is been offered by Addu Atoll. During the world war II, a British seafaring pitcher was thwarted by German U-boats which made the most exhilarating dives in the atoll also known as the British Loyalty Crash.

Apart from these, the other highlights includes kandu Huraa Region, with four diverse dive points and home to a plethora of aquatic life that includes nurse sharks, rays, turtles and mantas. This atoll also includes Shark Point where you can see grey ridge sharks that has become “Hotel for Sharks” and the Turtle Point where Green Sea Turtle and Hawksbill are seen recurrently.

Maldives 2020 : Antiquity, Tourism and islands to visit

Somersaulting in North Male Atoll

For the enthusiastic carters, a large number of mottled and entrenched dive sites are been offered by Male Atoll. The dive sites are amongst the most superficial as this atoll is first to institute tourism.

North Male Atoll offers some counterparts although Ari Atoll is famous for it’s aquatics. During the southwest monsoon from May to October, Manta Point is famous for its mantas that collect at its sites. Variety of marine life and assortment of corals are offered by ridges.

Some of the most famous dives in the North Male Atoll is the Banana Reef which is famous for its sea life and fishes, Nassimo Thila with its attractive caverns and coral foundations and Reef for its caverns and fissures.

Maldives 2020 : Antiquity, Tourism and islands to visit

The Dockyard In Lhaviyani Atoll

In Lhaviyani Atoll the biggest dive attraction the dockyard. With a variety of soft and hard corals, there are two collisions in this location that are covered. This remains are forty years old. When you are travelling inside the atoll you may come across a site where a bow of one of the collisions bulges out of the shells. However if one of the vessels in vertical the other one is 30 meters below shells. Due to the streams that pass through the conduit, there is an abundance of corals on both the collisions. Among many others the wrecks are home to a multitude of fish including, damsels, Napoleon wrasse, school of yellow sweeper and butterfly fish. In this collision numerous morays have made their home. This streams are also retreat for nurse sharks, grey reef sharks and large pelagic. In the atoll, dive tours for this site are organized by guesthouses and resorts.

Maldives 2020 : Antiquity, Tourism and islands to visit

BAA ATOLL Environment Reserve

In terms of its biodiversity Baa Atoll that is located in the central region of atoll chain is considered globally noteworthy that forms the Maldives. The northern sequence of atoll from the central sequence is detached biologically from the atoll that covers an area of over 139,000 hectares that is located just north of Kaashidhoo canal. The rich biodiversity of atoll is supported by several habitats that Baa atoll comprises, that includes islands, mangroves, sea grass couches and coral ridges.

In terms of area as well as biodiversity, coral reefs are most important habitat and is home to a high diversity of reef species that includes 1200 ridge allied marine species including residents of manta rays, seabirds, whale sharks and marine turtles also including 250 species of flinty and soft corals. Threatened and vulnerable species includes Napoleon wrasses, trawny nurse shark, green turtle and hawksbill turtle.

Maldives 2020 : Antiquity, Tourism and islands to visit

Abstractions of any kind is forbidden in the nine core areas reserve. Within the boundaries of these areas the activities that are tolerable are limited which are observed through codes of demeanor, due persistence from all users and rigorous organization system. Except in crises mooring of any boat is forbidden in these areas.

Bumper zones are also supervised and managed around the coral areas. The whole of Baa atoll is covered by Core areas and the buffer zones that are enclosed by intermediate areas. In the provisional areas, defensible accomplishments are tolerable.

When it comes to Baa Atoll’s diversity, Hanifaru Bay is the highpoint enticing large number of companies every year. Anywhere in the world, the largest assemblies of manta rays have been seen on the tiny bay located on the eastern edge. In a single congregations hundreds of these gentle giants are seen slithering over the seawaters to fodder as the tide thrusts plentiful plankton into the bay.

Maldives 2020 : Antiquity, Tourism and islands to visit


  • Old Mosque
  • Ishdhoo Buddhist Stupas
  • British War Memorial
  • Tomb of Sultan Ibrahim III
  • Feebo Valhugandu
  • Darumavanta Rasgefanu Mosque

Maldives 2020 : Antiquity, Tourism and islands to visit

Submerged Know-Hows In Maldives

In Maldives, the underwater experience is truly exclusive with dining and spa located meters below the ocean surface and fully inundated underwater lodging. You can rouse up to the vivid world of fishes and corals instead of stirring up to sun on your face. If you want to make your understanding much valuable there are not only rooms, but restaurants, spas and even clubs.

In the atoll, aquatic species and submerged setting fluctuating from vivid ridge fishes to huge fishes such as mantas and sharks are all on offer.

Maldives 2020 : Antiquity, Tourism and islands to visit


Due to huge number of resorts and as its close to international airport, North Male’ Atoll was the first one to be exposed for its waves and most widespread for surfers to be reachable. Some of the lengthiest trips in the country is been accessible by reliable waves as numerous surf points in the atoll. Certain renowned surf sites in the atoll includes Sultans, Ninjas that are all along the eastern rim of the atoll, Jailbreaks, Honky’s, Male’ Island Point and Thulusdhoo, Lhohis, at Lhohifushi island.

On the southern rim of the atoll, the coolest waves in the Maldives is Huvadhoo Atoll in the southern group of atoll chain and is accessible for many surfers. Certain well-known surf points in the atoll includes Love Charms, Antiques, Five Islands, Two Ways, Beacons, Tiger Stripes, Castaways, Blue Bowls and Airports.

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