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Jeff Bezos The 1st Richest Man to be with wealth of $200 billion

Jeff Bezos The 1st Richest Man to be with wealth of $200 billion

Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon, has been announced the first richest person whose net wealth ascended over $200 billion by the Index stated in Forbes and Bloomberg Billionaires.

Conferring to Forbes, the flanking person to Bezos is a well-known person, who is co-Founder of Microsoft named as Bill Gates who is currently having wealth $116 billion while the index in Bloomberg Billionaires has stated his net worth at $124 billion.

Following are five things about Jeff Bezos, the CEO and Co-Founder of Amazon:

  1. Amazon, the company that has grown today, as the world’s most valued company; was founded by Bezos, two eras ago as an online bookseller. In more than a dozen of countries, it features trade processes. It plays a major role in processes in digital devices and cloud calculating devices, groceries, video streaming, artificial intelligence and what not!
  2. Since 2014, he is bizarrely rising enormously with an estimation of around USD 32 billion with a good affluence. Amid the Covid-19, a huge thwart in its demand was seen by the e-commerce for the services provided.
  3. On the recent report stated by Forbes, from the opening of 1st January 2020, the Amazon stock is up nearly 80%, which is roughly $115 billion. Nevertheless, his massive fortune is been built by his 11% stake which holds over 90% in Amazon.
  4. In 2013, Bezos purchased the Washington Post and possesses the private space exploration firm Blue Origin. A couple of years ago, as stated by Bezos to some journalists, he was going to sell some of his Amazon shares to fund Blue Origin.
  5. In April 2019, when Bezos and his first wife MacKenzie confirmed their divorce, he gave her a fourth of his Amazon stake that is 19.7 million shares of which she decided to donate half of it that is $38 billion funding to investor Warren Buffet philanthropic campaign- the giving initiate.
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