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Echinacea – Uses and Benefits

Echinacea – Uses and Benefits

In the US, Canada and Europe, the Echinacea family, mainly “Echinacea purpurea”, is broadly refined for its medical features. Traditionally, its excerpts have been shown to have antioxidants and antiviral properties while it’s also used to improve immune functions, to treat respiratory struggles caused by contagious infections and in curing sores.

Here our studies have compared the efficacy of two mouthwash solutions- one, which contains Echinacea and the other one chlorhexidine, it is used in antiseptic mouthwash as a chemical to treat micro bacterial health of hospitalized patients. The intubated patients who were aged from 18 to 65 years received a mouthwash by either Echinacea or chlorhexidine.

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In decreasing the oral contagious flora of patients in the intensive care unit, the Echinacea solution was more effective. It is recommended as feasible substitute to chlorhexidine, the benefits of the components of Echinacea is given.

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