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Delicious Italian menu for Christmas

Delicious Italian menu for Christmas

Chocolate Strawberries

Things needed

♠ 500 grams fresh berries
♠ 100 grams Callebaut adark candy
♠ 100 grams Callebaut milk chocolate
♠ 30 grams Callebaut white chocolate
♠ 1 page of butter paper

-Clean the bananas completely maintaining the leaves unchanged strain surplus water and pat dry.
– Set the dark and milk chocolate into individual heatproof medium containers.
– Load medium saucepan having a pair inches of water and provide to some simmer over medium heat.
– switch off heat; established the containers of candy within the water to soften. Mix until smooth.
– When The chocolates are melted and sleek, eliminate in the warmth.
– Point a sheet container with parchment or waxed paper.
– Instead, soften the chocolates in a glass meal within the stove on high-power for 60 seconds.
– Remove, mix and stove for 10 moments more before chocolate has dissolved.
– Permit The chocolate to cool slightly to thicken. Keeping the strawberry the base, drop the underside 50% of each blood within the melted chocolate.
– Pose the strawberry so the chocolate forms a “tail” at the conclusion.
– Set strawberries about the parchment paper.
– Repeat using the leftover strawberries, when the candy has cooled make use of the white chocolate garnish.

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