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How to reactivate your BANK account

If any current account or savings account is not active for more than two years, then it will be considered as dormant or inoperative. This guideline has been passed by the Reserve Bank of India.

No unwanted interruption on Facebook anymore!

Would you like to decapitate the friends’ floating heads unnecessarily interrupting you

Drain spotting: Japanese Manhole Covers

In today’s world manhole covers which are used for preventing someone from slipping into the sewers are not something special in UK.

The First Sky Train Rolls Out in China

The first sky train left the assembly line in the city of Nanjing, China as the third country to develop the technology after Germany and Japan.

Coffee could be extinct by 2080!

Quite disturbingly, the new report suggests that coffee could be fully extinct by 2080 if global warming persists. The report explains that by 2050


Russian Photographer Makes People Crazy with Her Dangerous Selfies and Photos!

Russian Photographer Angela Nikolau is keen on capturing dangerous selfies and photographs. She adores taking pictures from top of skyscrapers and on edges of high-rise buildings.

#Don’tLetherGo! The unique Swachh Bharat ad

Don’t Let her Go Features Bollywood Stars Like Ravi Kishan, Isha Kapoor Along with Amitava Bachchan and Kangana Ranaut and is Directed by Veteran Filmmaker


Artist’s Dress Turns into Glittering Salt Crystal Masterpiece

Israeli artist Sigalit Landau chooses to submerge a black gown in the Dead Sea for her latest venture. The gown was submerged in salt-rich waters in 2014 and was recently

If You Are Keen to Post Pictures of Your Food Before Tasting, This Ad is for you

Do you love to take pictures of your fancy looking food? Do you search for the correct filter to use them in your photography, which may sometimes make the food get cold?

The Woman Appears to be Eight Months Pregnant, But the Reality Would Upset You

Beryl Romain appears to be pregnant due to a swelling fibroid in the stomach. She is in this condition since last eight years with an