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Damaging Habits for the Skin of the Face

Damaging Habits for the Skin of the Face

Skin care is essential to prevent wrinkles. It can also fight aging and effectively stops appearance of acne scars and dullness of the skin. You need right information for taking good care of your skin so that you do not commit preliminary mistakes or blunders.

Overlooking Sunscreen Creams
Sunrays play an important role for the ecosystem, the universe and for us as well. However, we must know that sunray can cause harm to the exposed skin both on short-term and long-term exposures. It can cause growth of dark patches of skin or hyperpigmentation , which can lead to cancer of the skin. Hence, tanning under the sun during peak time is very harmful to the skin. Sunrays are divided mainly in two categories UVA and UVB, which can be well protected with the use of broad spectrum sunscreen lotion. The sunscreen application should be used a t least 30 minutes before you go out in the sun , which should be repeated  every hour if you continue to enjoy the sun tanning. It is wise to keep ways from the sunrays during peak hours or when the sun is very hot, mainly between 12 to 3 pm. If you must go out in the open during the time, carry an umbrella and the sunscreen application to avoid the harmful effects of sunrays.

Picking At Acnes
Most of time, occasional pimples are seen on faces. The most harmful act is to rub and pick at them. The act would help the acne to spread over larger areas. Trying to burst it is even worse and cause long-term darkening of skin. Instead, use regular clean-ups at a professionally approved skin clinic.

Use of excessive Make-up or Foundation
Excessive use of make-up or foundation may block skin pores effectively to cause appearance of acne on the face. It is recommended that you use only the make-up, which has light mineral base.

Use of Incorrect Moisturiser
Use of the correct type of moisturiser is healthy for the skin, whereas the incorrect can cause harm to your skin in a great way. The choice of the moisturiser is based on the type of skin.  The oily type of skin is prone to get acne attacks and hence, a serum based, oil-free moisturiser would be the perfect choice for the particular skin variation. The cream based moisturiser is relatively better for the dry skin. Since, the market is full of different types of moisturisers; it is wise to seek the advice of the dermatologist in choosing the correct type of moisturiser for the individual type of skin.

Experiment with new products and especially on the eve of a big function
You should avoid experimenting with new products that are launched in the market occasionally. New ingredients may cause great harm to your skin hence; it is wise to try novel products well in advance when you have a scheduled function to attend.

Smoking is injurious to health and especially for the skin.  Smoking affects the system by squeezing the passage of normal blood flow in the body, which results in diminished circulation causing breaking down of collagen and elastin. It becomes the cause of aging and the natural glow of the skin is lost. You need to quit smoking entirely to retain a healthy and glowing skin.

Excessive intake of alcohol is harmful for your health and the skin even the red wine. In short, the result of alcohol intake is dryness of the skin, which amounts to deprivation of proper hydration of the skin and is definitely not a sound proposition. It produces wrinkles and makes you look older.  The activity also deprives the system of essential vitamins that are necessary for cell generation and nutrition. The skin turns grey and you look awful with the passage of time. Drinking in a moderate manner can be done, but you need to be careful about proper hydration of the skin, which can be made good with plenty of water intake at the same time.

Drink Water Substantially
You should consume at least 8- 10 glasses of water every day.  Drink natural spring water only.

Importance of Sleep
You should manage to get at least 8 hours of sleep every day.

Dairy Rich Diet
Latest studies emphasize that dairy items including sweets may cause appearance of acne.

Remove the Make-up
As many of the make –up items contain certain chemicals, it should be used occasionally. Hence, you decide to go for sleep, ensure that your make-up is properly washed off your face. It is a vital step to keep skin pores clean, which would naturally prevent acne.

Keep yourself busy in exercising for 5 days in a week for at least 30 minutes every day. It helps lessen the occurrence of acne and different problems of PCOD such as thicken hair growth, fertility problems and so on.  It also helps the skin retain its natural health.

Use Cleanser for Washing the Face
It is a significant point when you wash your face after the exercising schedule. Since sweat blocks skin pores and that is why you require an effective cleanser to clean skin pores to prevent the appearance of acne. Here, plain water will not serve the purpose, which should be kept in mind.

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