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Dalhousie – a Place To Calm Your Hectic Life

Dalhousie – a Place To Calm Your Hectic Life

Heaven popped away in the lap of Himachal Pradesh, is a petite spangle town called Dalhousie. It brags of pine-clad gorges, fast-flowing streams, wonderful foggy foothills, floret decorated paddocks, traditional allure, and fascinating natural countryside.

During the Indian foreign period, it was one of the preferred summer destinations for Britishers. The flimsy air endures enhancing British whiffs while the Scottish and Victorian construction reminds you of expatriate legacy.

Dalhousie - a Place To Calm Your Hectic Life

Dalhousie consists of numerous mountains and streams that tourists are fascinated with. The famous amongst them are Satdhara Falls, Daikund peak, and Panch Pulla.

Dalhousie - a Place To Calm Your Hectic Life

Chamera Lake

The Chamba Lake is a man-made Lake for Chamba Dam that is situated near Dalhousie in Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh. The view of Dam and Lake adds balancing to each other. The Chamera, which is also known as river Ravi, becomes a tiny yet royal version of the Arabian Sea during monsoon. It is also a boating place and a famous picnic spot.

You can discover the lake on a speedboat or a rowboat as the very prevalent activity and the best thing to do in the region is boating.

Dalhousie - a Place To Calm Your Hectic Life

River Rafting and River Crossing

River Rafting is growing this day in Chamba due to young enthusiasts and usually done on the River Ravi or Saal while river crossing is done on River Saal as well as Ravi under the administration of proficient coaches.

Dalhousie - a Place To Calm Your Hectic Life

Hiking in Dalhousie

Hiking in Dalhousie is famous for trek-lovers that is a paradise for nature lover and adventure. For the learners, this hill station is a delusion that comes true as it gives hiking brutes on the best hiking tracks. The dense forest made of Pine; Fir and Deodar trees make it look tremendously antiquated.

Here you will come across a sanctuary located between Khajjiar and Kalatop known as Kalatop Khajjiar Sanctuary. Kalatop khajjiar Sanctuary is covered with snow-capped peaks, verdant meadows, river freshwater, thick deodar shrubbery, and an excess of wildlife. Kalatop’s name is after “Blackcap” which denotes black and dark forest on highest the hilltop.

Trekking here offers us an enthralling and untouched knowledge of the landscape. The best way to discover the beauty of intact nature is through hikes. The most found animals here are Jackal, Leopard, and Black Bear. Many species of birds are also seen here. The Drakund that is the uppermost peak of Dalhousie’s gives you the most attractive view. The other attraction you may pass through is Khajjiar, Kalatop, and Chowari Jot. Khajjiar is also known as “Mini Switzerland”.

Dalhousie - a Place To Calm Your Hectic Life


This small town nearby Dalhousie is also known as “Mini Switzerland of India”.

From the prehistoric era, including the Rajputs and Mughals; the enthralling splendor has swayed and stimulated many kingdoms.

In the midst of lush foliage and wonderful landscape lies a nine-hole golf course. A highland with a small lake famous amongst travelers even attracts venture hunters as it has many voyage points to do sport such as hiking and zorbing.

(For more detail on this wonderful place called Khajjiar; do not forget to go through our article “Khajjiar-India’s Mini Switzerland”)

Dalhousie - a Place To Calm Your Hectic Life

Satdhara Falls

Satdhara cascade is located in Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh. Satdhara means seven spirals so this cascade brings the seven attractive spirals. This cascade is bounded by the eccentric view of Chamba valley that is covered with green yearns and deodar trees topped with snow-covered arrays.

If you want some calmness in your frantic life, this is a seamless place. The water that is clear like a mirror splashes with the joy of tiny drops those bounds from the rocks to us. The fragrance of wet mud, which is very absorbing to smell; fills the atmosphere as the water decants into a charming and glittering aquamarine pool.

Dalhousie - a Place To Calm Your Hectic Life

Dainkund Peak

This Peak is also known as singing hill. A bird’s eye view is offered that sights us to bewildering mountains and lush vales. Dainkund Peak is worth visiting for the one in search of a peaceful and cool place.

High Deodar trees and bright floras of the gorge are perpetual. When you will move ahead northern; you will able to listen to a tender gust that passes through trees making a melodious sound.

Dalhousie - a Place To Calm Your Hectic Life

St. John’s Church

Separately being a sentry of Protestant credence in the region, this church that was built in 1863, is the primogenital in Dalhousie and holds great antique consequence. A total mixture of history and beauty is located in Gandhi Chowk and is a favorite amongst photographers.

Locals, as well as travelers, attend the service that is provided on Sunday.

Dalhousie - a Place To Calm Your Hectic Life


A cascade and a famous picnic spot, this spot is covered by green pine and deodar trees. Five brooks altogether come to form this cascade. It is best known for its marvelous cascading beauty and trekking.

Dalhousie - a Place To Calm Your Hectic Life

Food that is eaten in Dalhousie

Delight Italian

Few instances of Himachal food contain South Indian dishes. The most mouth-watering dishes come at negligible cost available at local Dhabas, while you can even enjoy classic North-Indian food or some Mainland as well as Chinese snacks.

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