Bangkok Leads as World’s Most Popular Travel Destination

Bangkok.jpg - pixorangeAccording to the annual ranking report by the global payments and technology company, Mastercard, the ‘City of Angels’, Thailand tops the list of 132 cities across the world , attracting 21.47 million international visitors in 2016. Reuters reports that Thailand anticipates to have a record 33 million visitors this year, which is mainly due to Chinese tourists. London being the second records 19.88 million tourists. They are followed by Paris, Dubai, New York and Singapore.

Only five Indian cities are included in the ranking list and three of them are in top 50. Mumbai attends the 27th position, Chennai at 30th and New Delhi at 48th; Kolkata secures 62nd position and Pune at 91st. Mumbai also comes in “Top 10 Destiantion Cities in Asia-Pacific Region” at 10th position. Remarkably, Chennai comes in the “Top 20 Fastest-Growing Cities” with approximately one million overnight visitors.