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VIDEO: See What Koreans Think About The Indian girls!

VIDEO: See What Koreans Think About The Indian girls!

What’s famous in a single state is just eye candy for another. So how can foreigners react to celebrity pictures that leave Indians star-hit?

Within a societal experiment performed with Korean children, differences in attractiveness ideals came to the limelight. Several children were the pictures of famous Indian celebrities like Deepika Padukone, Anushka Sharma and Aishwarya Rai, and their reactions to them were surprising – at least seen from your Indian perspective.

Not many of them had the ability to guess the age of the stars right, plus among them said which they believed Indian wear ‘hijabs’ (the manager after clarified in a remark which they meant ‘saris’).

Besides being surprised by the ‘Western’ appearances of Indian celebrities, additionally they appeared taken aback by their eyebrows. Though Koreans prefer thin, sharp eyebrows, the most were smitten by the completer brows on Indian beauties.

Challenging the concept of the ‘perfect body contour’ was also insightful. While Korean men are obsessed with scrawny girls, they peeked at relatively ‘voluptuous’ Indian girls to get their beliefs and biases challenged and shattered.

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