World’s Priciest High-End Yachts And Its Secrets

Need a sinfully luxury holiday? If you’re able to manage it, seven-star resorts really are a matter of days gone by. The yachting life is the means to be. Ever thought about what the very limits of opulence appear to be? Let’s show you – in yachts – just how one could splurge.

Streets of Monaco – $1 billion

Streets of Monaco

Streets of Monaco 1

Eclipse – $800 million

Eclipse 1Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich possesses another masterpiece – Eclipse. All its other extravagances aside, the characteristic that sets this boat apart is its “paparazzi zapping laser” that scans the horizons and ruins camera lenses entirely. It is manned with a crew of 70 and has two helipads and a unique sub.

Eclipse 3 Eclipse 2

Dubai – $300 million

DubaiPossessed by the Prime Minister of UAE, this yacht has all the luxuries you can desire to locate in the town of Dubai and much more. The pools, hot tub, glass stairs and helipad all allow for about 115 individuals to be hosted aboard this floating spectacle.

Dubai 1

Superyacht A – $323 million

Superyacht A Andrey MelnichenkoRussian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko’s suitably named Superyacht A is designed this way in order to cut through icebergs. Its three pools and two private boats among all its other modern comforts make it really superb.

Superyacht A - 2 Superyacht A -1

Dilbar – $263 million

DilbarAmong the biggest yachts on the planet, the Dilbar belongs to Alisher Usmanov. It’s everything one could have to house about 20 guests, or one Bond villain.

Dilbar 1 Dilbar 2

Project Mars $162 million

Project MarsThis slick work of nautical art was initially constructed by Fincantieri. And it comes with swimming pools, a health spa along with a designated company place.

Project Mars 1 Project Mars 2