What’s ‘No Shave November’ and Why Could It Be Significant?

Young man with beard looking away against purple wall

With prevalence of cancer on the rise each year, it’s tough to discover a way out from chemotherapy and its aftereffects. Although the extreme treatment does kill cancer cells, in addition, it ends up damaging skin so much that baldness is unavoidable. Oftentimes, growing hair back isn’t possible.

It’s thus that in the year 2009, an American cancer society began No Shave November to sensitize individuals to needing cancer research. It was likewise utilized as an instrument to drive charity for cancer patients. Guys were requested to not shave their beards and women were encouraged to not shave their arms and legs. Whatever sum they saved in the procedure, they were encouraged to contribute to charities promoting cancer research. In a short span of time, No Shave November is now a significant hit and individuals around the world are participating and doing their bit.