The Place Where Suicide Squad Was Filmed

The new American antihero-supervillian –summer blockbuster has been filmed in the streets of the city of Toronto, Canada and also in other different locations in California. Pioneer in Toronto and Paramount Studios in Los Angeles performed as headquarters for the filming of Suicide Squad.

The production was filming four nights in Yonge Street, one of the busiest in Toronto - pixorangeWill Smith as Deadshot plays the role of the leader of the group of dark and entertaining characters, Margot Robby plays the naughty Harley Quinn and Jared Leto as Joker.

Yonge St - pixorangeThe filming was done for four nights in one of the busiest area in Toronto, Yonge Street. The stunning tail plane was also displayed in Yonge Street and photographed by everyone.

Wellington St West - pixorangeThe plane crash scene was created in Bay Stand Wellington St West area in the heart of the Financial District.

Rogers Centre  suicide squad - pixorangeThe scene with Deadshot rappelling was completed in the SkyWalk connecting Union Station and Rogers Center.

Lower Bay Station - pixorangeSome monsters were set free close to the subway in Lower Station.

Eaton Centre mall  - pixorangeThe Eaton Center mall beside Dundas Square comes in the movie as the center.

Union railway station - pixorangeThe Union railway station may undergo some damages as these guys exchange bad karma with the evil Enchantress.

Suicide Squad location Chicago - pixorangeThe city that is visualized in the movie in helicopter shots is Chicago and not Toronto.