The Wristband to make calls with your fingertips

Kickstarter smart watch - pixorangeThe new gadget on Kickstarter is fundamentally created to make you think like a secret agent. It is called Sngl, which lets you make phone calls just by wearing a wristband and touching your ear with your fingers acting as receivers.

There is no presence of any speaker in the device and instead, audio is channeled in the ear through vibrations, which are directed through your body, into the wrist and up to fingers touching the ear; a mic is made into the band. It is not a novel idea, but is a clean twist on the not-very-cool Bluetooth headset.

The project is presented by Innomdle Lab, a startup, which is an offshoot of Samsung. This is its maiden project and is being launched with a Kickstarter campaign looking for $50,000, which it nearly touched at the time of this reporting. Sngl units are being offered for $139 approximately. This could be something that could be achieved like a smart watch in future, but for the time being. Sngl is like just a cool, if completely superfluous manner to receive a phone call without taking out the phone. It may be a great party trick also, though I am not fully convinced that anyone would look sophisticated by wearing this gadget, as Innomdle’s Kickstarter video wants people to believe.