IIT graduate ‘sells himself’ on Flipkart for Rs 27 lakh!

IIT graduate 'sells himself' on Flipkart for Rs 27 lakh! - pixorangeYou would do many things to get a job in the company that you prefer. You would go to any length for the matter. Akash Neeraj Mittal, a graduate from IIT Kharagpur chooses a brilliant idea to get a job in Flipkart by putting himself ‘on sale’, in the e-commerce website.

Originally a graduate from IIT Kharagpur with CGPA of 6.61 in Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture, Akash, a genius , put himself up for sale for Rs.27,60,200, which is not the only instance of the intelligent mind. Mittal acquired top ranks of 0.5% and 0.1% in IIT JEE and AIEEE exams respectively.

Akash introduces himself as innovative, visionary ambitious and risk lover. He authored a book called “It Wasn’t Her Fault”, which was sold roughly a thousand copies and he tied-up with Flipkart and Amazon for selling the book online.

He inscribed on Facebook that when one is a 6-pointer and competing with the best minds in the nation, one must understand the difficulty in securing a job. One needs to take up some random and crazy act to stand out in the crowd. He submitted such resume for Flipkart APM profile. However, he did not receive any interview call, but hoped to bring smile on someone’s face.

It seems that some large companies would take notice of the way he has been representing himself. It is not common when you find someone offering to sell himself on e-commerce platform to secure a job. Flipkart might have misplaced a jewel.