Anupam Kher Makes Changing Stands on Padma Awards

Social media is a great platform and is used by celebrities to communicate with fans in a direct manner. At times, it can cause disadvantages as well. A comment made today can be used against you many years after if there is a reversal of approach.

Anupam Kher Makes Changing Stands on Padma Awards 1It is now the turn for the veteran actor Anupam Kher. Mr. Kher made a fuming statement in 2010 on Twitter expressing his disapproval of different awards including National awards or Padma awards and commented that awards in the country had turned to be mockery of the system as there was no genuineness found in awards whether it was film or National or even Padma awards.

Anupam Kher Makes Changing Stands on Padma AwardsSurprisingly, the actor reversed his stand completely when he was named a Padma Shri recipient yesterday. Contradicting his earlier stand, Mr.Kher said that felt happy, humbled and honoured to share the fact that he had been awarded the Padma Bhushan by the Government of India, which was great news in his life.

Some people brought out his comments of 2010 Tweet and referred his earlier stand in today’s perspective. Mr. Kher maintained calm and digging at his detractors commented in a recent Tweet ” Sunn raha hoon hai aaj bazaar mein Bumol bahut zoro shoro se bik raha hai”