A Dollar To Charity For Each Hate Tweet – See How This Muslim Girl Is Fighting Haters

A Dollar To Charity For Each Hate Tweet – See How This Muslim Girl Is Fighting Haters 1We make up a generation that’s continually bombarded by haters and trolls on social networking. Technology has really ensured that anonymous hatemongers permeate our own lives unabashedly, and there actually is not much that we can do about it. Certainly there is the obstructing and blowing off, but that’s not actually instrumental in countering the hate that’s at large. We could all yet have a leaf out of Dr. Susan Carland’s novel.

Tired of the innumerable Islamophobic messages she received from strangers directed at her, Dr. Susan Carland, of Melbourne, Australia, vowed to give $1 to UNICEF for every hate-filled tweet and Facebook message that comes her way.

Susan Carland began the effort a couple of months ago and has increased more than $1,000. “I often get tweets and Facebook messages in the brave freedom fighters behind determinedly anonymous reports telling me that, as a Muslim girl, I really like oppression, murder, war and sexism,” she said.

The internet mistreatment she’s exposed to contain abuses about her look, accusations of her being a stealth jihadist, and requests to leave Australia, amongst others. “Contributing to them every time I used to be mistreated felt like real great in response to virtual hate”, is what she needed to say.

Being born into Christianity, and having converted to Islam in the age of 19 out of private confidences, what triggered this effort was to counter the trolls that misconstrue Islam along with her identity.

Taking her inspiration in the Quran that says, “Repel evil with what’s better”, Dr. Carland determined to be implemental in “creating great in the world for every nasty verbal bullet sent my way.” In spite of the darkness that fills her inboxes, Carland said her religion will continue to glow.