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20 Dramatic Pictures Portray the Beauty of Italy

Italy is a unitary parliamentary republic in Southern Europe. It borders France, Austria, Switzerland and Slovenia with the Alps in the north.

18 Most Vibrant Travel Destinations in the World

When you are bored with the urban landscape, these 18 places around the world would present myriad colours to infuse pleasure in your vision. These are some of the most interesting places in the world like Thailand and Peru. You decide to take the passport and fly off

The Vegetarian Crocodile “Babiya” Guards A Temple In Kerala

India is full of fascinating stories. Besides historical memorials, which make places remarkable, there are several other amazing stories that make India a really incredible nation.


Photos of Dubai’s Upcoming Theme Park on Bollywood

Using the popularity of Bollywood in the UAE and the world consideration, Dubai is in the path of dedicating a tribute to Hindi cinema.

It Is the Way Brides All Over the World Looks, But the Tibetan Brides Looks Different

Every time we visualize a bride, we look for a beautiful woman dressed in the attractive white wedding gown taking slow strides down the aisle or a good-looking lady in a red lehenga

Ten mysterious places around the world

Ten incredible and mysterious places around the world untouched by mankind

10 International Trips Under 50K

Enjoy and explore beautiful international travel destinations with a budget of Rs.50, 000 or even less. Find great and mind-blowing international trips from India in budget.

15 Buildings That Don’t Look Like Buildings

Looks at 15 buildings that don’t look like buildings.

12 Amazing Restaurants in Bangalore for Superb Eating Experience

Bangalore is a paradise for food lovers and offers varieties of restaurants with varied range of cuisines. Here is a list of top grade restaurants in Bangalore that you should never ignore.

5 Things You Must Do When in Dubai

You require a short trip to break free from the din and bustle of the daily life to feel rejuvenated.