Netflix Permits Download of Movies in India

Netflix, world’s leading movie streaming service is contemplating to allow downloading of movies in several countries including India very soon. Previously, Netflix was against downloading of content as it did not offer any permanent solution. After the recent global expansion

Brand Ambassadors May Face Rigorous Punishment for Misleading Ads

A parliamentary committee has recommended punishment for five years jail and fine of Rupees 50 lakhs to individuals endorsing misleading ads,


Jayalalithaa, the Richest Chief Minister of India with Rupees 117 Crore

Indian politicians claim that they are just like the common Indian citizen, but the net worth of politicians speaks just the opposite.

Yamaha’s Scooter 04GEN is Both a Bird and a Plane

Yamaha unveiled the 04GEN Scooter at the Vietnam Motorcycle Show held in April 7-10 in the Ho Chi Minh City. It

IIT graduate ‘sells himself’ on Flipkart for Rs 27 lakh!

You would do many things to get a job in the company that you prefer. You would go to any length for the matter.

Dining Out, Travel & Phone Calls May Become Pricier

Dining out in restaurants, buying new properties and insurance, mobile phone calls may be pricier if the service tax

Colgate Pays $5 Millions for the Super Bowl Ad

It is nothing new for Colgate to make the first appearance as an advertiser for the Super Bowl next month.

A fraudster Was Caught With 3,078 bank accounts, 700 acres of Land and more

According to an Economic Times report, Rose Valley Group’s CMD Gautam Kundu has a total of 700 acres acreage spread

Zomato Started Advertising On Porn Sites

Besides marketing Foodporn, Zomato shares some useful data behind the motives to advertise on porn sites.

World’s Second Largest Diamond Was Discovered In Botswana

While we pull our hair out on whether India’s ever likely to return its lost glory – the Kohinoor diamond – the world’s active discovering larger stone