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Indian Scientists Discover Two New Anti-Cancer Molecules in Turmeric

Indian scientists carried on extensive research for 10 years on the time –tested turmeric at the Rajiv Gandhi Proudvogiki Vishwavidalaya or RGPV at Bhopal.

5 Amazing Kitchen Cures to solve All Of Your Beauty Issues

It improves your elegance because it operates being an incredible cleansing! Blend a teaspoon of salt in two pot

Have You heard of a Semen facial??

Also called sperm facial, it vows to reduce signals of rosacea and skin ageing. A British attractiveness blogger’s

Smoking damages Sperm! Men Who Smoke Are Passing On Cancer To Their Unborn Children!

In the event you smoke, you have likely heard a million times that smoking causes cancer. Yet, new research in the

Eating A Lot Of Raisins Can Harm Your Teeth

While admitted to be nutritionally and developmentally advantageous, even

Is it safe to bleach your body and face during pregnancy?

It’s absolutely safe to bleach your face, hands, legs, underarms and back during pregnancy. Nonetheless, bleaching the belly region isn’t advocated. External

You can get Cancer by having dark toasties and Potato roasties!

You might need to reconsider your preferred breakfast meal as a fresh study has shown that dark pledges and roast

You will not believe that these 7 items contain Alcohol

There are specific things we use daily that have hints of booze. We wager you do not understand about it.

Know more about the advantages of rice

Replacing rice with wheat isn’t recommended as it means reducing your consumption of amino acids (protein’s

Is microwave cooking terrible for your health?

Microwave cooking is a heated discussion. Some consider that microwaves can cause cancer as well as other ailments. Yet it’s one of the quickest