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Why is it important to add it in your diet for beautiful skin?

In today’s busy routine habits, which come along with litter and hassle level, we all…

The Connection Of Nutrients With Beauty

A new cohort of products evolving with great success, which are beyond those, regular cosmetics…

Yarsagumba : The Viagra of Himalayas is the most expensive herb

A caterpillar fungus named “Yarsagumba” which is found in higher altitudes of Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal, China and North east of India is the most expensive insect-herb and is used for medical purpose.

Tequila could be good for your bones!!

According to the scientists of the Center for Research and Advanced Studies (Cinvestav) situated in Mexico the tequila plant contains a few substances that enhances calcium absorption.

One Drink That Will Help You Get in Shape Faster

The preparation of this drink is quite simple and its daily consumption has proven to be efficient in getting rid of unwanted body fat within a short span of time.

Female orgasm – A few essential things men must know

Many may consider female orgasm quite an inscrutable or enigmatic process, but it isn’t so. Though shrouded in mystery and myth, it is not that mysterious to understand.

Be Careful in Using Loofahs; It May Cause Skin Infections

A current research suggests that Loofahs bear bacteria, and hence, one could beat the very purpose of the shower and can even cause infections.

Fish Oil Improves Brain Functioning and Boosts Mood

A study finds that fish oils contain Omega-3 fatty acids, which help improve brain functioning and also work as an anti-inflammatory agent helping athletes and soldiers manage intense training better.


7 Overnight facemasks for glowing skin

Your face provides the true picture – whether you are happy, depressed or nervous. Why not transform the observation meaningful for those who stare at you for no reason. You can keep blemishes away if you follow the

Ultrasound Exposure in the First Trimester Could Increase Autism Severity

Researchers explained that diagnostic ultrasound exposure during the first trimester of pregnancy is related to increased autism severity.