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Pakistan university bans boys and girls sitting, walking together

A notification was issued by the University of Swat in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province banning boys and girls from mixing together. In a most old-


In Pics: Liquor Baron Vijay Mallya Parties Get Exposed

Parties do not seem to be over for the most glamorous Industrialist of India, who is famous for his lavish and the

Chinese Couple Buys an iPhone by selling Their 18-month Old Daughter Online for 2.28 Lakhs

Owning an iPhone is an expensive affair and everyone cannot have it.There are some people who would cross the

A Top NASA Scholarship Won by a Teenager from West Bengal on Black Holes

18 years old, class 12 student Satapama Mukherjee, a resident of a village, 30 km from Kolkata has been selected for the prestigious Goddard

Pakistani Actress’s Message “Darling Modi” Boils Your Blood

The easiest way to go viral on social media is through condemning and criticizing the Indian Prime Minister,

Terrior – Armoured Vehicle ‘Swiss Army Knife’ Revamped

BAE Systems revamped the armoured vehicle ‘Swiss Army Knife’ with more improvements and presents it as

Teenager Scales Giza Pyramid to Capture an Amazing View, But Later Is Arrested

Andrej Ciesielski, the 18 year old explorer from Germany filmed himself engaged in scaling the famous pyramid in

The Chinese Musician Enjoys Guitar Playing Together With the Brain Surgery

A Chinese musician enjoys guitar playing while being operated for the brain on last Tuesday.

Are ISIS Jihadists Targeting London Next?  Chilling Video Shows Paris Attackers Grinning While Beheading Helpless Victims – Targeting UK to Be the Next

The barbaric propaganda video, released by ISIS shows Paris attackers beheading prisoners and carrying out weapon-training

24-Karat Gold Kit Kat Chocolate Bar

The aspiration for gold is fulfilled with the introduction of the 24-karat gold kit Kat bar. It is an exclusive variety of