Echo Buds with new fitness tracking features – Added by Amazon

Echo buds also known as wireless earbuds is getting new feature that is fitness tracking…

Google Chrome 87 Updates Chrome Debuts Browser Tab Search, Bluetooth device Battery Level and more

This search engine adds a Browser Tab Search for users that they can easily open…

Activbody Activ5 pocket friendly equation Fitness : Five minutes workout, No Difficulty

Amidst this ongoing pandemic where most people are working from home, things are getting lazy…

2021 trend: 5G is finally here, now what?

In the evolution of 4G network today, 5G id the advancement of the 5th generations…

Prototype of Lenovo tablet – ‘Folio’

Folio can be folded into a ‘Dual Display’ Smartphone. When it is folded into dual display, the apps and

Facebook developing exclusive ‘Smart speakers’

Facebook, the famous social media is reportedly working on developing a smart speaker that will feature a 15-inch touch screen. The product is expected to be launched by 2018.

The rise of artificial intelligence has given birth to something beyond smartphones

The emergence and growth of artificial intelligence have transformed the way of life across the globe. The smartphones are not merely the smart phones, they are much more.

No unwanted interruption on Facebook anymore!

Would you like to decapitate the friends’ floating heads unnecessarily interrupting you

Amazon Decides to Make Alexa more Human Like

Amazon’s Alexa has emerged as one of the finest examples of artificial intelligence. When she speaks, it sounds like a robot. The company is thinking about Making Alexa a true human friend


‘Parisa Tabriz’ ; Google Chrome’s ‘Security Princess’

The web world is well aware of the ever escalating of Google Chrome; and the hackers not unfamiliar with its popularity.