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What do Indian Women Think About Sexting? See The Video

What would you believe girls think about sexting? That it is gross? Unneeded? A turnoff? In fact, just the contrary


Some of The Very Strangest Temples in India

In India, temples are available at each nook and corner and God may be located and worshiped in lots of improbable locations and contours across the country.

This Website will tell you if anyone died in your flat

Move right into a brand new flat and you also do not understand what you will find — leaky pipes, pesky bugs, the spirits of the dead. While we can not prepare for everything, a new website hopes

Sex three-four times a week can clear kidney stones: Study

Suffering from kidney stones? Well, stop gulping down beer after beer or other drinks to pass it out and prepare yourself for better action between the sheets tonight.

Watch: Orangutan kisses pregnant woman’s belly

Oranguttan kisses pregnant women’s bellyA video of an orangutan kissing a pregnant women’s belly has melted the hearts of millions. The orangutan named Rajang, at the Colchester Zoo (England), surprise a c

Italians Can Now Watch Porn During Office Breaks

Great news for Italian employees! Court of Cassation, the high court of Italy had given a ruling that Italians can now officially watch pron

With The new sponge bikini you can now look sexy and also clean the ocean

Expert Engineers in the UCR (University of California Riverside) have now designed a fresh wearable technology that enables you to savor


World’s Costliest Jewelries –Million Dollars in Value

Where numerous people are living on minimum support and face immense problems simply to carry on for living, a section of the population

Great Scene on the Scottish Coast – Strange Blobfish Looking Sofa Shark

It is the first time when a strange looking blobfish sofa shark has been reported to be found off the Scotland coast. The sofa shark or the false catfish was discovered

INS Kochi, India’s Biggest Warship & It’s Recent Commissioning– A Brief Account

The Defense Minister Mr. Manohar Parrikar commissioned India’s biggest warship INS Kochi here in the naval dockyard in Mumbai on 30 the September 2015. The stealth-guided