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7 Instances When You Should Definitely Wash Your Hands

7 Instances When You Should Definitely Wash Your Hands

You will be shocked to know that there are over 5000 germs in our hands at any given time. Yes that’s a shocking 5000. We are not much worried as they are very microscopic and we can’t see them. If we could see them by any chance, then we would have washed our hands over 50 times a day.

Here are 7 times when we should be washing our hands.

Before meals
This is a very important time to wash your hands. If you don’t, then you will be swallowing thousands of those germs with every bite that you take.

Before cooking
Since there are many germs, its better to wash so they don’t make a way to your food.

After going to the washroom
It is self-explanatory to say that your poop has millions of harmful germs. So when you are in the washroom there are definite chances of you getting infected with these germs, while flushing or using the lavatory etc. So it is imperative to wash your hands with soap or sanitizer to get it clean before you leave the washroom.

After you sneeze when you have fever or cough
You fall ill when the bacteria or the virus take over and defeat your immunity. So, when you sneeze, you are spreading thousands of germs into the air. So in order not to infect others, it is advised to blow into a napkin and then wash your hands thoroughly to get rid of the germs in your hands.

After using the trash
Trash always has a lot of bacteria which decomposes old food and other organic items. When you use the trash bin, even if you don’t touch the garbage, you will get in contact with lots of germs. So it is always better to wash your hands after that.

After Being with your pets
Your pets carry lots of germs in their fur, saliva and body. Pets always lick you with affection. So after playing with your pets, you should always wash your hands and parts of contacted body to remove any germs.

After Visiting a sick person
A sick person always have a low immunity level, so you should make sure your hands are germs free when you visit them, and after your visit wash your face and hands to make sure you remove all the contacted germs.

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