The Triple Wonder of Nature: Jeju Island

Currently, Jeju is achieving awards and nominations at the top level. If Jerusalem is three times the holy city, the island is UNESCO’s only triple-crown winner: World Natural Heritage plus Global Geopark plus Biosphere Reserve too, in 2011, Jeju was voted at least one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature, alongside with the Amazon or Iguazu Falls. The so-called Island of Gods just like the wonderful Bali is considered to achieve the blessings to become a world-class objective.

oreum Jeju island - pixorange

Abu Oreum - pixorange

Hallasan - pixorange

Korea tourism - pixorange

Manjanggul lava tube - pixorange

Yongcheon Cave - pixorange

Biyangdo island - pixorange

Hallim - pixorange

Seongsan Ilchulbong - pixorange

jeju island - pixorange

 Udo Island - pixorange

Beomseom Islet - pixorange

Jusangjeolli cliffs - pixorange


Mt. Sanbang - pixorange

Yongduam - pixorange

Teddy Bear Museum - pixorange