Tips for the Perfect selfie!

Tips for the Perfect selfie - pixorangeTip Your face with An Angle

This easy magic trick emphasizes your cheekbones and makes your eyes appear larger while giving off an entirely adorable vibe.

Get the best Light

The right lighting will make your skin look awesome as well as your hair super glossy-attempt standing alongside a window or going outside to benefit from the natural light.

Wear Your preferred Bold Lipstick

Wearing a brilliant lipstick gives your pic a cool focal point and can shoot your kissy face selfie to another level.

No Light? No Worries!

Swipe highlighter in your cheeks, chin, nose, and forehead to offer your skin a fantastic luminescence, no filter crucial.

Locate Your Signature Pose

When you’re feeling great, you look great! Locate a signature model that allows you to feel hot no matter the specific situation.

Lover Yourself

Snitch this photographer trick to snap magazine-worthy photos: Make use of a fan to make glamorous move in your hair–only be sure you set it up several feet away from you (believe: light breeze, not twister).

Switch Up Your Filters

Get a retro appearance using a monochrome filter, or give your selfie a warm, cool appearance using a fuzzy gold filter.

Hold The Camera Above Your Head

This angle gives your selfies an artsy feel, while giving you the chance showing off a few of your adorable outfit!

Do not Take It Too Seriously!

Odds are if you are having fun shooting the picture, your followers will have pleasure looking at it, meaning more likes! Above all, you would like to be in a position to look back in the image and recall the great time you’d.