The Woman Appears to be Eight Months Pregnant, But the Reality Would Upset You

Beryl Romain - pixorangeBeryl Romain appears to be pregnant due to a swelling fibroid in the stomach. She is in this condition since last eight years with an 18-inch growth of the fibroid. Beryl, a housing worker from Ilford, Essex even went abroad to get it cured, but without success. Beryl avoided surgery that would eliminate her womb and went abroad in a frantic effort to get the remedy. She also took herbal medicines from a traditional practitioner in Ghana, West Africa.

A news portal added quoting Beryl that people always asked her when the baby was due and were stunned when she disclosed that she was not pregnant. She waddled around as she was immensely big. It is not the only crisis that she is facing in her life. She was abandoned by her fiancé when she required him earnestly.

Beryl told that the doctor declared it was fibroids and she needed her uterus to be removed. Her future husband was unable to accept the concept and they ended up in separation and thus she lost everything. She identified the lump for the first time in 1999 and since then it developed slowly for three years and then vigorously.  She looked heavily pregnant by 2007. Still, she declines to quit hope of having a family once again. She sold her home and shifted to Ghana, Nigeria to find the treatment in Atlanta, but without success. Finally, Beryl had undergone surgery for the removal of fibroids and womb at Guy’s Hospital in London.