The simplest egg salad recipe on the planet!

The easiest egg salad recipe in the world - pixorangeIn case you ever come home late, and locate only eggs and mayonnaise in your refrigerator; stress not. That much is enough to rustle up a tasty and filling egg salad.

These recipes are really so well-liked by bachelors that in youth hostels all over the world, one will frequently encounter such helpful messages stuck on the refrigerator by other young folks. So here’s how you do that…

That which you’ve got?
Half a dozen eggs
A jarful of mayo
A jar of mustard sauce

How you are doing it?

– Get around six eggs and boil them for approximately 10 minutes on a medium fire.
– Turn the fire off and allow them to sit for another five minutes.
– Pour some cold water to them so that you do not get annoyed when you pare them.
– Peel off the eggs and assess when they are cool enough.
– Mash the eggs together with your hands or a ladle.
– Pour half a cup mayonnaise and one tablespoon mustard.
– Blend it all correctly collectively.
– Add salt and pepper to taste.
– in the event you would like, allow the salad sit for some time in the refrigerator, while you catch a beer Or freshen up.
– A short while in the refrigerator can help the flavours blend together well.
– Garinsh with coriander in the event that you enjoy.

You can eat the egg salad with bread as well as simple. Whichever way you eat it, it is only as yum!