The Fantastic Tale of a Love-Pair During the Independence Period in Lahore

The Love Story Of A Couple Who Ran Away From Lahore During IndependenceThe lady met him for the first time at her sister-in-law’s place in Lahore in 1930 and she felt immensely comfortable in his company and time went by silently. It was fantastic moment, when he hold her hands, she felt truly delighted and elevated. After sometime the he proposed her for marriage during the pre-independence period and concluded that as war was unavoidable, he would not be able to tolerate the pain of detachment from his lady love. They got married in 1947when there was a fierce conflict between the Hindu community and Muslim people.

Those days were really scary. They witnessed ghastly scenes of dead body carrying trains and split up human bodies were tossed into the sea. The couple could foresee that they would also lose their lives in the situation and finally choose to run away. They escaped during the night in their clothes without any other thing on them except two chappatis for food through the journey. The pair found people with swords on streets threatening to kill anyone that passed by. They sought the help of a Muslim uncle with a tanga, the horse driven cart, who steered the love-pair through the roads of Lahore declaring us as his family members whenever there was a checking. He made it to the railway station wherein the duo boarded the train to Amritsar.

The couple started a new life in Amritsar by selling some gold ornaments that the lady was wearing. The man found work in the city and began the journey of rebuilding their conjugal life. The male partner finally, bought all the jewelry of lady-love in due time as he felt guilty of selling precious ornaments in the beginning of new life. She was proud to say that she travelled throughout the world with him as both loved to travel, but she hoped to go to Lahore to have a glance of the old home once again where she grew up.

Some years ago the gentleman announced that they would be going home and she burst into tears of joy to find train tickets to Lahore. They made the visit to Lahore and moved around places that they used to roam around in their younger days including the neighbourhood where they grew up.

She was happy to see her dreams coming true. The gentleman departed some years ago. She thought about him everyday being alone in her home that he built for the lady-love. She lives with past memories and with a family of 5 children and 15 grandchildren, which provides her the strength to carry on.