Tech Specs: Japanese wholesaler Softbank’s Zozoglass is launched to get correct skin-tone for makeup!

The latest fashion-tech that is offered beyond clothing is Japanese online retailer launched “Zozoglass” that is made for measuring skin tone while ordering cosmetics online. Japan’s biggest online fashion site discovered a pair of spectacles with markers and colour batches that detect your skin tone when you measure it with a smartphone for modified cosmetics that are recommended on Zozotown.

As stated in an interview of Zozo’s chief Operating Officer Masahiro Ito said that in Japan if you want to buy cosmetics you go to a large store or hypermarket and try the stuff that you want to buy. They are trying it to use the same thing through technology and gives customers the confidence that is proven to buy a particular product.

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Before shipping in March “Zozoglass” is available to pre-order and will be limited in the initial stage to line up other products. In the online retail market app; augmented reality will let the customer know how the makeup looks like.

By online retailers, fashion tech is been viewed that is been motivated during COVID-19 to help customers overcome some hesitations buying online.

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