Sore Throat: Home Remedies; Prepare for Weather Change

Sore Throat: Home Remedies - pixorange5 Natural home remedies for sore throat that you would better know at once

We should discuss 5 top ways to cure sore throat without consuming toxic chemicals or getting knocked out.

Echinacea : This outstanding herb comes in tea and in supplement form and has been known to benefit as effectively and speedily as other OTC alternatives. You get it easily in the market.

Sea Salt water: Majority of us have known the old wives tale about gargling salt water for relief in sore throat. I do not know about others, but I have always disapproved the idea until recently when I found a repot confirming it – Gargling salt water soothes the throat.

Turmeric Tea: turmeric is known as a natural healer for many ailments, but one thing that it does to treat sore throat. Why? It is full of vitamins, which help improve the immune system and purify the body.

Apple Cider Vinegar: The great thing is that when you add this with tea and add some honey, you get a soothing warm drink, which definitely cures the sore throat promptly.

Steaming: This remedy is arguable and there are few studies on this, but from individual experience, it helps. Either take a bath with warm water and stay in the bathroom with steam for improvement or do a “steam tent” over a bowl of hot water to get the relief.

When you need to cure sore throat, you must take rest and water; you should never give honey related remedies to children under two years of age as infants may have adverse reactions to honey.