Service Road in West London Sold for £400,000

Service Road in West London Sold for £400,000There is a demand of small plots of land in London to build houses and therefore, it is no surprise that eight bidders competed for one site for planning permission in Shepherd’s Bust, West London.

Once being a service road for two Victorian houses, the triangular shaped plot has the planning permission for a 13 foot wide three bedroom house and is going to change hands for £400,000.

Just the following day, a previous garage in the same borough went for sale for £466,000, which was accepted for the plot by a buyer desirous of building a property and rent it out.

The land was sold by estate agent Kerr & Co describing the location on Leysfield Road to be very popular residential area.

David Knipe, assistant sales manager at Kerr & Co told that the area’s closeness to Ravenscourt Park and the roads with green trees made it popular in families.