Artificial intelligence - pixorange

The rise of artificial intelligence has given birth to something beyond smartphones

The emergence and growth of artificial intelligence have transformed the way of life across the globe. The smartphones are not merely the smart phones, they are much more.

How To Turn Off Chat Heads in Facebook Messenger - pixorange

No unwanted interruption on Facebook anymore!

Would you like to decapitate the friends’ floating heads unnecessarily interrupting you

Amazon alexa - pixorange

Amazon Decides to Make Alexa more Human Like

Amazon’s Alexa has emerged as one of the finest examples of artificial intelligence. When she speaks, it sounds like a robot. The company is thinking about Making Alexa a true human friend

Parisa Tabriz - pixorange

‘Parisa Tabriz’ ; Google Chrome’s ‘Security Princess’

The web world is well aware of the ever escalating of Google Chrome; and the hackers not unfamiliar with its popularity.

Google trips travel planner - Pixorange

Google Trips; Train and bus reservations made easy

Whether you are travelling by a train or bus; you can now plan your journey with the help of the highly acclaimed ‘Google Trips’. You may have, often, wished silently

Jio sim - pixorange

This Step-by-Step Guide Helps You, If You Find Difficulty Activating Your Jio Sim

The much-advertised Jio Sim is here and attracting ample users. Amidst the hubbub and large crowds, those who are successful to get a SIM and got it activated should think themselves fortunate.

iPhone 7 - pixorange

Specifications, Features and many Other Things that You Must Know about Apple iPhone 7

We are just a few days away from the official launching of iPhone 7 and like forever, information about the device is leaking without any trace of ending.

shut down - pixorange

How to Close a Windows PC without Installing Updates

Normally you work on the laptop and you feel like it is time to close. Hence, you shut down the laptop, but Windows insist recent updates. After ten minutes, you still await for Windows

Kickstarter smart watch - pixorange

The Wristband to make calls with your fingertips

The new gadget on Kickstarter is fundamentally created to make you think like a secret agent. It is called Sngl, which lets you make phone calls just by wearing a wristband and touching your ear

Google india - pixorange

Modi Government’s Proposed GST; Why Google India seems unhappy?

It is true that Modi Government is on the path of implementing India’s biggest indirect tax reform, GST, in several decades, but Google India appears to be unhappy with the Goods and Services Tax.