Reasons why you’re not losing weight!

Working out and still not losing weight?

Reasons why you're not losing weight! - pixorangeThese 15 reasons could be why you’re not shedding pounds.

1. Misjudging calorie intake – Studies reveal that many dieters and even experts misjudge the number of calories in the food. Calculating calories in the food help evade this.

2. Overeating on holidays – research tells that most people are unable to lose weight added during holidays. Avoid overeating in holidays to check undesired weight gain.

3.Late night snacking – studies reveal that late night eaters add more weight than people that do not eat at night. Fix a rule not to take food after a certain time. Keep all harmful snacks outside the house.

4. Hormonal imbalance – Recently, researchers have discovered that hormones play a role on weight loss. Apply these methods to retain your hormones balanced.

5. Severe calorie deficits – maintaining severe calorie deficits for a long time disturbs metabolism and hormones. Preserve a deficit at maximum 25 percent of the total calorie intake.

6. Cheat days – cheat days are great for preserving your wisdom in dieting, many people misuse them. Calories in cheat days can rapidly combine and cause weight gain. I suggest forgetting cheat days.

7. Overeating on the weekends – If you are alike most people, the weekend starts from Friday afternoon, when you begin taking junk and boozing. Ensure a habit of consuming healthy food on the weekend and you would lose weight constantly.

8. Consuming excessive vegetable oil – It is particularly true for people who dine in restaurants and even healthy ones. Vegetable oils might make the taste of the food better, but they are too high in calories. Please note that excessive intake of vegetable oils may cause several health problems.

9. Rely on herbs for weight loss – You may dislike to hear this , but herbs do not miraculously dissolve the additional fat. You need to consume unprocessed foods and retain a calorie deficit and exercise.

10. Undue sugar consumption – Sugar is not only harmful to the health, but it also contains huge calories. Cut the consumption of table sugar and avoid foods with excess sugar.

11. Binge eating – binge eating is quite challenging for many dieters. Take professional advice if you the disorder as it make losing weight impossible.

12. Changing from one diet to another – The average dieter tries more than four diets. Many people do not understand the fact that what is good for others may not work for them. Stick to eating habits in which you feel comfortable and proceed on improving your limitations.

13. Lack of quality sleep – Research relates lack of sleep with weight gain. Ensure you get 8-9 hours of quality sleep every night.

14. Excess alcohol consumption – Not only alcohol has high calories , but it also delays fat oxidations. If you need to drink, take spirits such as gin and vodka as they have low calories.

15. Calories from beverages – Calories from soda, energy drinks and juices sum up fast and cause weight gain. If you need beverages ensure that you account for them in the total daily calorie eating.

16. Misjudging calories burned during workout – exercise does not burn as much calories as people believe. Most workout machines give faulty readings. I recommend not calculating calories burnt during exercising when you track your calories.

17. Senseless eating – eating senselessly results in overeating and bingeing. Focus on meals constantly; eat slowly keeping food on plates even though it is nuts or snacks.

18. Absence of a meal plan – proper meal plan is an important weight loss tool. It guides you what to consume and prevents you from taking junk food.

19. Consuming processed foods and junk – Processed foods are like junk foods, which contain calories and normally results in bingeing. Keep away from them.

20. Absence of strength training – strength training helps develop lean muscles mass, boost metabolism and increase fat loss. Both males and females need it.