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Bella Fiori - pixorange

5 YouTube Makeup Artists that You Must Follow

Find here a list of 5 YouTubers that would help you in the makeup game and for attracting people to look at your Instagram as you gaze at those different accounts.

ultrasound - pixorange

Ultrasound Exposure in the First Trimester Could Increase Autism Severity

Researchers explained that diagnostic ultrasound exposure during the first trimester of pregnancy is related to increased autism severity.

iPhone 7 - pixorange

Specifications, Features and many Other Things that You Must Know about Apple iPhone 7

We are just a few days away from the official launching of iPhone 7 and like forever, information about the device is leaking without any trace of ending.

Angela Nikolau - pixorange

Russian Photographer Makes People Crazy with Her Dangerous Selfies and Photos!

Russian Photographer Angela Nikolau is keen on capturing dangerous selfies and photographs. She adores taking pictures from top of skyscrapers and on edges of high-rise buildings.

shut down - pixorange

How to Close a Windows PC without Installing Updates

Normally you work on the laptop and you feel like it is time to close. Hence, you shut down the laptop, but Windows insist recent updates. After ten minutes, you still await for Windows

Kickstarter smart watch - pixorange

The Wristband to make calls with your fingertips

The new gadget on Kickstarter is fundamentally created to make you think like a secret agent. It is called Sngl, which lets you make phone calls just by wearing a wristband and touching your ear

pant cookies

While Graphic Designer Uses Design Talents To Create Cookies

What do you intend to be a designer or a baker? Holy Fox answers ‘Both’ as the reply to the question. According to her, it is when you mix and match

Google india - pixorange

Modi Government’s Proposed GST; Why Google India seems unhappy?

It is true that Modi Government is on the path of implementing India’s biggest indirect tax reform, GST, in several decades, but Google India appears to be unhappy with the Goods and Services Tax.

Kangana Swach bharat ad - pixorange

#Don’tLetherGo! The unique Swachh Bharat ad

Don’t Let her Go Features Bollywood Stars Like Ravi Kishan, Isha Kapoor Along with Amitava Bachchan and Kangana Ranaut and is Directed by Veteran Filmmaker

marijjuana weed - pixorange

Nuns Take Help of Weeds to Heal The World

To be a nun is not easy for everyone. It requires discipline, dedication, patience and empathy. It also, sometimes needs the Godlike knowledge of marijuana horticulture.