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One Drink That Will Help You Get in Shape Faster

One Drink That Will Help You Get in Shape Faster

Before going to sleep at night drinking a single glass of this healthy drink will surely aid in reducing the accumulated fat which of course includes the annoying fat in the abdominal area. The preparation of this drink is quite simple and its daily consumption has proven to be efficient in getting rid of unwanted body fat within a short span of time.

Ingredients needed

  • Pineapple fruit – three freshly cut pieces
  • Cucumber – one medium in size
  • Stalk of celery – one
  • Parsley – one glass chopped

Method of preparation:

Each and every ingredient has to be washed thoroughly. The skin of the pineapple fruit has to be removed carefully. Then all the elements should be blended in a blender until it acquires a smoothie like consistency.

Point to be noted: One should never add additive ingredients like sugar, pepper, salt or any other substitute because it will affect the effectiveness of the prepared drink and also its taste.

The prepared drink should be consumed shortly after it is made as its good properties will dissipate with time. Having this drink in the morning before breakfast is a good idea. One can further reinforce the effectiveness of this drink by doing regular exercise and a balanced diet. Following this routine will show appreciable results in a week.
Properties of the ingredients which enable fat loss

Celery is a fragrant ingredient which is wonderful to taste. The calorie content of celery is 16 cal/100g which is quite low. It acts as a hydrating and cleansing agent which flushes out toxins from the body and also prevents retention of fluid.

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Cucumbers are natural diuretics which will eliminate the possibility of water retention.

Parsley is a very useful food ingredient as it contains antioxidants minerals and, vitamins which are equally useful in combating water retention.

A pineapple has many nutritional properties which are quite amazing. This fruit is rich in vitamin C and contains sufficient quantity of manganese. The energy acquired from consuming this fruit is 50kcal per 100 grams.

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