Internet Identifies and Discards the Award Winning Picture, Poorly Photoshopped

Badly Photoshopped PictureMistakes occur on the internet regularly, but it is really upsetting when it relates to an international brand. It is more so painful with 10 million Facebook fans, where a minor flaw would be detected and ridiculed. Nikon, Singapore experienced such a happening. The company wanted to award Chay Yuy Wei for an outstanding picture depicting a staircase and an aircraft in the mid air. The crisis starts with the fact that the original picture did not contain any aircraft at all.

Badly Photoshopped Picture 1The photographer of the picture made an extremely poor quality photoshopping of the image, which could be detected when it was magnified.

Badly Photoshopped Picture 2

Badly Photoshopped PictureBadly Photoshopped Picture 3Badly Photoshopped Picture 4Badly Photoshopped Picture 5It was surmised that the aircraft was incorporated in the picture at a later stage, which was evident in the untidy level adjustment job.

The matter worsened further when somebody came out with a response for the photographer ‘Not too long, I was lucky. Thank you so much’, which was made against the query: ‘How long did you wait for the plane? ‘