How to Close a Windows PC without Installing Updates

Windows pc - pixorangeNormally you work on the laptop and you feel like it is time to close. Hence, you shut down the laptop, but Windows insist recent updates. After ten minutes, you still await for Windows for the update and you apprehend being late.

There is a way to avert the situation: A way to shut down the laptop promptly even though there are updates wait for installation.

windows 10 - pixorangeHere is the easiest way to ensure that the desktop retains focus by clicking a blank area of the desktop or pressing Windows+D on the keyboard. Further, press Alt+F4 to access the Shut Down Windows dialog box. To affect shut down without installing updates, “Shut down” through the drop down list.

shut down windows - pixorangeYou are also able to shut down your PC promptly from the login screen. Press Windows+L for locking the screen or logging out. Look at the lower-right area of the screen, click the power button and select “Shut down” through the popup menu. The PC shuts down without installing updates.

shut down - pixorangeFinally, if you want to perform this from a script, follow the following shutdown command in a Command Prompt window. Type these commands at the prompt and press Enter. The final character is a zero. Your PC shuts down promptly without installing updates.

command  prompt - pixorange