Home-Made Fruit Packs Work Wonders for Your Skin

Home-Made Fruit Packs Work Wonders for Your Skin - pixorange♦ Use Mixed Fruit Face Pack to Tone Up the Skin:

The pack contains pulp of all fruits that are available in the market. One spoonful fruit pulp from each is added and blended and the pack is massaged all over the face.

♦ Use Kiwi fruit Pack for Tan:

Take Kiwi fruit puree and I spoonful yogurt, mix them thoroughly and massage it all over the face. Wash the face after 20 minutes.

♦ Use Strawberry Face Pack for Dry and Tanned Skin:

Mix strawberry fruit pulp with water and massage the pack all over the face. Wash the pack after some time.

♦ Use Cucumber Face Pack for Dull Skin:

Grate the skin-cooling cucumber. Apply the juice all over the face and neck and wait it to dry. Clean your face. Use the pulp as a pack for eyes after refrigeration.

♦ Use Papaya Fruit Pack for Radiant and Rejuvenated Skin:

Crush the fruit to make a pulp and massage o the damp skin nearly for 20 minutes and wash it out.

Other helpful ingredients for skin care;

1. Honey- Moisturizes and thwarts acne
2. Lemon Juice – Lightens scars
3. Ground Oats – Best for scrubbing
4. Green tea extract – Revitalizes skin
5. Yogurt – Reduces skin tanning
6. Orange juice – Fades scars

Key Points to remember:
· Massaging with fruit pulp helps boost the blood flow of the body, resulting in better absorption of properties of fruit by the skin.
· Ensure a clean skin before any application.
· Ensure that you moisturize the skin after wash.
· Accept homemade fruits masks for regular use for perfection in the texture and tone of the skin.